Russian language

Russian language

In accordance with the standards, Russian language is taught in 6 stages in our center.

A1 - Hachal level
A2 - Elementary level
B1 - Level of preliminary processing
B2 is the average level
C1 - upper intermediate level
C2 is the advanced level

Classes are held in the direction of conversation!

Classes are conducted with special materials prepared by the teacher.

At the same time, the student is taught the necessary grammatical knowledge necessary for speaking.

The first 60 minutes are free to ensure quality.

A mock exam is held at the end of each month.


Monthly prices

Group lessons

For 3-5 people

80 AZN

2 days a week

each lesson is 90 minutes

12 hours per month

Private lessons

120 AZN

həftədə 3 gün

each lesson 60 minutes

12 hours per month

Intensive lessons

200 AZN

5 days a week

each lesson 60 minutes

20 hours per month