Recruitment training of teachers

Recruitment training of teachers

We are the most reliable companion on the road to success for our young teachers!

MIQ training is our training field taught by our professional teachers, intended for anyone who has graduated from higher educational institutions with pedagogical specialties.

MEC exams are held by the Ministry of Education every year in the summer months. Teacher recruitment training is conducted on three subjects: specialty, curriculum, methodology

✓ Our classes are conducted by professionals who have received international and national training in the relevant field

✓ Lessons are held in groups and individually on Azerbaijani and Russian sections

✓ The lesson schedule is prepared according to your wishes

✓ Our classes conducted with a special method are structured in the direction of understanding, not memorization of topics.

✓ Topics are explained on scientific basis in understandable language.

✓In our classes based on practical application method, you will apply your theoretical knowledge and get to know the topics to their intricacies

✓ Our teachers will clearly explain to you all the questions used in previous years' MQ exams